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Luftfahrthistorische Sammlung Finow

The "Luftfahrthistorische Sammlung Finow", can be found on the former Russian Air Base of Finow-Eberswalden, some 30 miles North-East of Berlin.

The "Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt" was founded after the Russian forces had left the airfield. Beside of some aircraft left by them, the Director Dr. Kobbe could acquire several additional ones from other sites.

Finow-Eberswalde is a former russian air base were Mig-29's were based. Nowadays this former military airfield north of Berlin, is owned and operated by TOWER FINOW GMBH i.L., a 100% subsidiary of WVZ Wirtschafts-Verkehrs-Zentrum Finow GmbH & Co.KG i.L., a group of private entrepreneurs.
Mig-23Sz FloggerMig-23Sz FloggerPZL-Swidnik Mi-2Kamov Ka-26Zlin Z-37A CmelakPZL-Mielec M-18 DromaderMil Mi-8T HipYakovlev Yak-28R "Brewer"Yakovlev Yak-28R "Brewer"Russian style Hardened Aircraft Shelter (HAS)Antonov An-2Mil Mi-8T HipTupolev Tu-134ASud Aviation SE-3130 Allouette IIVEB VEB-14PMikoyan-Gurevich Mig-19PM "Farmer-E"Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-19PM "Farmer-E"Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-21UM "Mongol-B"